Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break 2011 Day 2- Billie's Swamp

My grandparents campground is less than 5 miles away from Billy's Swamp. In case you've never heard of the place.... their a big deal and have a reality show. I don't watch the show, but felt almost famous visiting.
this was cool. these guys were bringing in a croc that had gotten loose 12 years ago.
these guys are probably famous. i have no clue. if not, their really brave & tough. the boys were impressed!
we rode on an airboat like this!
Jackson, Parker, Addison & Ashton.
it was a sunny day!
the view from the airboat
we rode on this too!
sisters soaking up some Florida sun

Spring Break 2011-Day 1 FL

We flew down to Florida a couple days prior to our cruise to spend some time with Grandpa & Grandma, who spend the winter in southern Florida.
This was our 1st day. We were, of course, hoping for a warm, sunshiny, beautiful day at the beach. But instead we had a cold raining day. The great thing about kids, is cold & rain doesn't stop them from having a perfect day.
Thanks boys for teaching mommy, yet again, to view the cup as half full!

Warm up session
more shivering
Mom & I staying warm. someone had to keep the towels dry.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Papa & Nana have been gone since the beginning of February. They decided they would try on being snow birds in Florida this winter. So far their enjoying it. But we're missing them badly. Thankfully Nana came back to visit us for a week. She needed get a few things accomplished, like taxes. But the kids are certain its because she HAD to see them. Which is also very true!

Needless to say we took FULL advantage of her being in town. Kept her busy with kids and more kids. Wednesday she picked the big kids up from school & went to get ice cream. When she dropped off Ashton I noticed she carried in an extra ice cream cone. Strange I thought. Maybe she bought an extra for Parker. Nope. It was Ashton's. {RED FLAG. You know your kid is sick when he won't eat ice cream. Note to self. }I also had Heidi's kids, cause she was doing a work related thing. So here I am with an obviously sick kid (who by the way, I'd pushed him to go to school that morning, poor buddy) and 3 healthy kids. Nana had left by the time I'd put all these pieces together. I knew I had to get AF to the doctor. We'd just been through strep throat, but it felt like it all over again. No one to call. Phil was out of town. Called to Dr. Left a message. Its 4:15, not much time left to get an appointment. Stressing a little here. 10 minutes pass. Ashton is crying on my lap. Guess who shows back up at my house??? NANA! An answered prayer, before I even thought to pray. Note to self { Really should have prayed the prayer. UGG} "Hey Nana, whatcha doin after this?" She had brought back mints that Addison had left in her truck. Really? Who does that? Luckily, Nana didn't have plans and I quickly packed up my sick boy & headed to the doctor's office. Hoping they'd call before I got there. The nurse did call me & the Dr. on call was able to see Ashton right away. Sure enough we have strep. Again.

Thankful for angels. Disguised as Nana's.

Nana & sick boy (AKA Ashton and cutie pie)
Gotta have a picture with Parker too!
See you in 6 days Nana. Please advise Florida that we're coming. Can't wait to see Papa too!


Little Celebrity

Ashton has been the voice saying the phone number of a Chapman's (our family business) radio ad for several years now. But now they're wanting him to be a face at the end of a TV commercial. The timing was perfect cause he's home sick today, but also not ideal because he's not yet 100%. Thankfully with the technology available to our marketing guy, he'll be able to use Ashton's voice from the radio ad & splice it with the video.

This boy makes me so happy. My heart is FULL!
Acting is serious business

Stay tuned. I'll post the TV ad here when I get a copy.

Thankful Thursday

This week I'm thankful for...

...Ashton.He's been sick. Again. Strep throat. Again. Yesterday he wouldn't eat this ice cream cone that Nana bought him. Looks like he's feeling better. Thankful for a quiet day at home with him and that he feels like eating ice cream.
...humor & silliness.
...a clean laundry room.
...the way the snow stuck to the trees. This picture doesn't come close to capturing the beauty! Also thankful that spring is almost here. I'm ready to be thankful for spring.
...new running shoes and that they're purple.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Unfortunately I didn't get my camera out much this week and I've already posted the pictures that could be used for this blog. So you'll have to wait till next week for more pictures. And I'll have some nice ones from our snow that we just got.

Here is the list.

**Thousands and thousands of geese headed north. Heidi & I saw the most geese I've ever seen flying north this week. They sky nearly looked black. They were everywhere. Geese are amazing and they made me thankful that warmer weather would soon be arriving.

**Healthy Kids.

**A midweek service at Church on peacemaking & conflict resolution. It was just what this girl needed.

**My neighbor. She's the best! And she's taught me a lot about Christianity through her kindness.

**Beavers. (This photo is actually from my BIL from New England.) Heidi & I road our bikes this week and along a usual route there is an area where Beavers are always working. Not sure what it is about these animals, but the way they can chop down trees with there teeth is interesting to me.

**Homework without attitude & frustration. He has attitude. I have frustration.

**Conversations with boys with BIG words. Like "proper , ridiculous & appropriate".

Road Trip!

We were somehow able to sneak up to Lincoln this week to watch our adopted sister, Christine play basketball. And her roommate Crystal was able to join us on our roadie adventure. We were 3 of 10 people dressed in a color other than RED. It was the most red I've ever seen in one place. Honestly it gave me a headache. But that fact did not stop us from cheering. LOUDLY! Heidi & I have always been loud. We're still working on Crystal (we call her Bug, don't ask why, cause I'm not sure). Proudly wearing our gold "Flores Love" Mizzou shirts. We love our WBB team and don't mind driving 4 1/2 hours to watch them play.

Me, Heidi & Bug. Unfortunately we didn't get to use our sign much, they lost. BAD. It was awful. No shots were dropping. It was UGLY.
We stayed @ Heidi's B-I-L, Robb's place. He was kind enough to wear black on top, but had to sneak in some Husker Red on the t-shirt. He works for U of N and couldn't be seen on campus with tiger gold. Something about getting fired. Which could be a blessing, then he could just move to MO!
Creepy Mascot Guy! And of course he found Heidi & I and loved giving us a hard time.
Me, Bug, Christine & Heidi.
Christine & Heidi being themselves.
C wasn't in the mood to take a nice picture. Thats okay, after a loss like that I'd be making this face also.
We love you Christine! And love traveling to watch you play. Next time I request a win on the road.

Thanks! HF

Monday, February 21, 2011

Phil's Birthday!

My lovely, completely amazing husband had a birthday last week. He turned 35 which seems impossible. It means he's been part of my life, scratch that, he has been my life for 14 years. I use to give myself credit or call myself lucky for snatching up such an incredible husband. Luck? Nah. These days I give God all the credit. He gave Phil to me and I won't let go. I want to take advantage of this gift. And to really appreciate a gift you need to spoil it, love it and spend time with it. So this past weekend we spoiled Phil, Daddy & brother in law.

He wanted to go shooting. Ok. Not my thing, but its not my birthday. So, we shot a couple rounds, why am I writing about shooting hand guns. I don't even know the correct terms... bullets were fired. Targets were hit. Yes, I was a good shot.
I made his favorite meal. Best way to make a husband happy, cook something from Pioneer Woman. It involves butter, meat & cheese. And even a few veggies. It smelled so good!
This is P-Dub's (pioneer woman) husbands (she calls him Marlboro Man) favorite sandwich. With a few changes. If you know me, you know I can't follow a recipe. I always have to change or add something.
My man & boys. Soon I'll have all men.
We all drove to Lawrence Kansas to watch a Mizzou WBB game. No this wasn't his idea. But he came & we enjoyed being together!
Crouch Family came too.
Dear Phil-
Keep having birthdays. We enjoy spoiling you.

Love, your wife.
the end.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday-late edition

I was planning to do my thankful list on Friday, but really liked how "thankful thursday" sounded. So, I'm switching days. (Next week I'll post on Thursday.)

Medicine that makes my boys feel better.
Warm days in February = snow melting. Come on spring! We're ready!
Hand made Valentines Day cards. Ashton wrote this one for his brother. "I Love Parker"
Fancy Valentine's Day dinners. Just the 4 of us. It was fancy cause we had candles & batman napkins.

On the way to dinner one night this week, we saw the most amazing sunset. And of course, I didn't have my camera. The sky was full of big blue clouds and the pinks & reds from the sun setting was reflecting off onto the blue clouds.... thus making the clouds look pink! It as spectacular. So, Thankful for pink & blue clouded sunsets.

Monday, February 14, 2011


We have enjoyed the snow and really had a chance to have fun this weekend with the temperatures getting into the 50's. The snow is melting this week, so Daddy & boys took advantage of it! Its not often we sled down the hill in front of our house...mostly because the end is either trees or the street. Phil drew a line in the snow & told the boys they had to bail at the line. This seemed to work well. They also made the most perfect snow man I've ever seen, but it fell over right before I could snap a picture.

The pile of snow from the driveway makes a perfect starting spot.
Phil making the jump!
Here they go...
Nice air boys!
I was excited to catch this shot :)